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A research title mainly summarises the main idea of the study. Therefore, a good title must contain selected words that capably describe the contents. Moreover, it explains the purpose of the study. Most importantly, the readers read the title first. If it suits their interest, then only they start to read the rest. Therefore, the title has a significant role in grabbing the attention of readers. In other words, this is the essence of the primary research. Thus, the author must be careful while choosing the title of their study.

Research may be either quantitative or qualitative types. In both ways writing the title is very important. To write a captivating quantitative research title, we need to do the following:

  1. Firstly you must perceive the essence of the research paper.
  2. Then don’t be overly general. Instead, be specific and accurate.
  3. Next, don’t add any unnecessary and distracting details.
  4. Moreover, it must be perceivable to a broad academic readership.
  5. Finally, The title must generate curiosity in the readers and engage them.

In this way, the writer can successfully capture an extensive range and number of readers. 

In this post, the reader will know more about qualitative research titles with suitable examples.

Quantitative research is mainly applicable in the applied section. Be it science, arts, or commerce. In each aspect of life, there are plenty of sections related to applied groups. Starting from society, education, pandemic situation, politics, medicine, accounts, or engineering. Everywhere, quantitative research is mandatory. So, many people are involved in research on quantitative aspects. As a result, there is a big competition here. Therefore, to grab the notice, we need to use a captivating title.

Example Of Quantitative Research Title

There are several quantitative research title examples. All of them are successful in grabbing a large number of readers’ attention.

On Social Aspect:

  1. Difference between calorific intake of American men and women?
  2. Different strategies to measure the customer satisfaction
  3. Will society be better in the absence of organized religion?
  4. Black Friday sales benefits.
  5. The impact of social media on marketing
  6. The link between estimated target market and competitive risk assignment.
  7. Computer games impact on young generation
  8. Are smartphones making us bright?
  9. Nuclear family or joint family?
  10. Impact of developed technology on human relationship
  11. Alcohol addiction in the young generation
  12. Addiction to drugs at a young age.

On Environmental Aspect:

  1. The relationship between global warming and climate change
  2. Oscillations in deep open cells during winter Mediterranean cyclones
  3. Impact of Corona on global population growth.
  4. Assessing the effect of radiation on biodiversity
  5. Relationship between habitation fragmentation and biodiversity loss.
  6. Impact of the ozone hole on the Environment
  7. Comparison between global warming and climate change
  8. What is the greenhouse gas impact on the atmosphere?
  9. Smartphone impacts on birds
  10. Are GMO crops good or bad?

On Education Aspect:

  1. Study in classrooms or on the computer?
  2. Relationship between education quality and job
  3. Is the literacy rate increasing or not?
  4. Influence of education on women
  5. Education system of past and present
  6. The education system in Asia and Europe
  7. Are technologies improving the education quality?
  8. Is competition beneficial for students or not?
  9. Does education improve the integrity of a student?
  10. How can education improve the growth of a nation?

Quantitative Research Title Examples For Students

  1. Online classes- helpful for students or not?
  2. How do the students cope up with the pandemic situation?
  3. Feedback of teachers-benefit a student or not?
  4. Online games harming the students?
  5. Importance of sex education in school
  6. Extreme interference of parents impact students
  7. Relationship between academic marks and intelligence
  8. Is the grading system better or not?
  9. Evaluation of the impact of culture on the personality of a student
  10. Analysis of the technological development on the skill of students

Quantitative Research Title About Pandemic Examples

  1. To assess the impact of corona on the population of India
  2. Effect of the vaccine on the human being
  3. Comparison of different vaccines available globally
  4. Changes in the population growth curve due to corona
  5. Comparison of the corona impact with the earlier pandemic situation.
  6. Daily habit changes brought by corona
  7. Corona effect on the education system
  8. Comparison between pre corona and post corona situation.
  9. Assess the impact of halo on the world economy.
  10. Is corona bane or boon?

In conclusion, all the researches in applied science are primarily quantitative. Quantitative implies where the topic involves numeric measurements. The observation in the study will be experimental rather than descriptive or narrative. Therefore, the title of this type of research should use some words which will reflect its true essence. Moreover, it must be crisp and precise as well. In this way, a quantitative title can successfully serve its actual purpose. The followings are some frequently ask questions. In this section, the reader will know more about quantitative research titles.


How Do You Write A Title In Quantitative Research?

When you are going to write a research title, keep in mind the following points: 

  1. The title should accurately indicate the subject and scope of the study
  2. You should avoid using an abbreviation
  3. Must use words that create a positive impact. So that the crown can stimulate interest in the reader.
  4. Use the current terminology from the field of study.

In this way, you can successfully write a quantitative research title.

Q. What Are 5 Examples Of Quantitative Research?

  1. The relationship between proceeded food consumption and obesity
  2. Comparison between improvement in the health facility and life expectancy
  3. Impact of job scarcity on migration
  4. Effect of climate change on human life
  5. Effect of pollution on Environment.

Q. What Makes A Good Title For Quantitative Research?

The following characters make a good title for quantitative research.

The title should

  1. Seems interesting to the readers.
  2. Represent the content of the research paper.
  3. Reflect the tone of the writing
  4. Contain important keywords. Those keywords will help the reader to find the research paper.

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Q. How Can You Tell If A Title Is Quantitative?

 By the below points, one can tell if a title is quantitative or not.

  1. The main goal of the study was to examine the relationship among several variables.
  2. Statistical methods are used in the research. Use of logistic regression models or correlation models, for instance.
  3. The study contains a huge number of subjects.
  4. There is the use of numerical data.

If a research title includes any of the points, then no doubt it’s a quantitative title.

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