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Many people are suffering from diabetes around the world. High sugar levels in the blood can affect people suffering from type 1 or type 2. Factors like stress, infection, illness, or being inactive can cause a rise in blood sugar levels. For the time being, diabetes cannot be cured. You can control your diabetes by controlling the sugar level in your blood. There are various medications and treatments available which can help in controlling blood sugar levels.

One such pill which can help maintain sugar levels is the A 12 pill. It is a pill that is white in colour and has an A 12 imprinted on it. The drug present in the pill is Metformin Hydrochloride, and the strength is 500mg. This article talks about the uses, side effects, and benefits of the A 12 pill. Continue reading to learn more about this pill.

The Benefits Of A 12 Pill

Metformin hydrochloride present in the pill functions by reducing the synthesis of glucose in the liver. It also postpones glucose uptake from the intestines and raises the body’s responsiveness to insulin. Blood glucose reduction is an important aspect of diabetes management. You minimize the chance of any significant diabetic consequences, like damage to your kidneys, vision problems, nerve issues, and loss of your limbs, if you can manage your blood glucose amount.

The pill is used with good eating habits and fitness routine and also with other medicines to treat high glucose levels in the blood. It is useful in individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes which is also known as hyperglycemia. Effective diabetes management can also lower your chances of a heart attack or stroke and difficulties with your sexual function. Consume this medicine daily to take full advantage of it. Take it every day at the same time without fail.

How To Use A 12 Pill?

Read the leaflet provided with the pill before you start using it. It may inform you about any side effects that you are not aware of. If you have any questions about the pill, go to your doctor.

Take this drug orally, generally once or thrice a day, with food, as prescribed by your doctor. Drink plenty of water while taking this pill unless your doctor tells you differently. The dose is determined by your health condition, treatment reaction, and any other drugs you are taking. 

Side Effects Of A 12 Pill:

Metformin might have some unfavorable side effects in addition to its beneficial ones. However, not all of these adverse effects are likely to happen. If they do, medical care may be required. The common side effects can be:

  • Stomach pain.
  • Loss or reduction in appetite.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Trouble in breathing.
  • Feeling of pain and discomfort while urinating.
  • Feeling of sleepiness.

Other less common side effects include:

  • Feeling anxious.
  • Fast and irregular pulse or heartbeat.
  • Excessive sweating and the sweats are cold.
  • Trouble in vision.
  • Cold and pale skin.
  • Confusion.

To reduce the danger of negative effects, your doctor may suggest you to start with lesser doses and gradually increase them. Strictly follow your doctor’s recommendations.

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