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Carnegie Deli was a chain-based restaurant in New York City. It was opened near the Carnegie Hall in the year 1937. The place offered quite a range of both delectable Jewish and non-Jewish dishes. Among Jewish food like pastrami, corned beef and at least 1 pound meat sandwich were famous. Similarly, among non-Jewish dishes, sausage, bacon, and ham are worth mentioning. The main motto of the restaurant was “if you can finish your meal, we’ve done something wrong’’. Even the place was famous for its ill-mannered waiters. Here they simply try to convey some of the rude and rigid behavior of New York to visitors. Despite all this rudeness, the taste was just superb! Therefore, the place was full of a crowd for a long enough time. 

However, it closed on 31st December 2016. Though at Madison Square Garden, Manhattan one branch is still in operation. The deli still operates a wholesale distribution service there. 

Down The Memory Lane:

The Carnegie Deli is closed now, but still, we can take a stroll down memory lane. We can still reminisce about the good old days. Coming of Carnegie can’t stop us to do that. The readers may wonder: what were the nearest cross streets to Carnegie Deli when it was open? In this article, we will help the reader to find out the nearest cross streets to Carnegie Deli in New York City

How To Get There? 

The readers will first visit Google maps or Apple maps and type “Carnegie Deli” when they will hear about the place. A quick google search enables the readers to get an idea regarding the nearest cross streets to Carnegie Deli. The old address is 37 E 57th Street, New York City. However, it is not where it closed. Suppose you can go back in time and wonder about your distance from the restaurant when it was open. We can recommend you to use Google Maps or the Apple maps app. Still, we want to let the readers know about the nearest cross streets to Carnegie deli. 

What Were The Nearest Cross Streets To Carnegie Deli (When It Was Open)?

Broadway and 51st Street- these two are the nearest cross streets to Carnegie Deli. Moreover, the address for Carnegie Deli is 55th St. & Seventh Ave., New York NY 10019. 

Why The Carnegie Deli Closed Down?

As of 2019, the rent was increasing in Manhattan’s Westside near Central Park. The increasing rental prices forced the restaurant to close down. Since then, many other restaurants have fought hard to capture its place. Gino’s Restaurant on 48th street, Kutsher’s Tribeca at 98 Hudson St, Max Brenner Chocolate by Meir Adoni and ate’s Delicatessen were the competitors. 

Current Scenario:

It will only take few minutes to reach there from any location. However, the question is What if they are closed and you are not in the area? The answer is very simple. One can try The Carnegie Deli at 42nd St. & 11th Ave., New York NY 10036. Though, this place is currently owned by a different company and offers an entirely new menu. However, visitors still can enjoy some of the old famous dishes that made the restaurant popular. 

If the readers start their journey from Central Park or a nearby area, then they are only a few minutes away. From there with little effort, they can reach Carnegie Deli. There are many subways going up until about 53 rd street before they start becoming more eastbound than westbound. 

While searching the essence, instead of finding the nearest cross streets to Carnegie deli readers can search nearby restaurants as well. There are a lot of nearby restaurants and businesses in the neighborhood that anyone can use to locate the desired place. Some of the examples are given below:

The OJ bar (328 E 56th St): It is very closely situated to the Carnegie deli. It is located at 328 East 57th Street and East 56th Street.

Papa John’s Pizza (718 Third Ave): This place has some takeout options. The food can be delivered right away from their location on 71st street between Second Avenue and First Avenue. 

La Esquina Restaurant & Mexican Cantina (618 Lexington Ave): This is also a very popular food place. It is located at 620 Lexington Avenue. However, they may be closer to the intersection of Lexington Avenue and East 60th Street.

The Daily Grill (1221 Third Ave): This is also a famous establishment. This restaurant is located at 1220 Third Avenue. This is also not too far from the desired Carnegie Deli.

In Conclusion: 

The Carnegie Deli was once a very famous restaurant when it was still in working condition. However, due to huge rent, the establishment failed to continue its business. Therefore not long after this restaurant closed in New York City. The admirer of the authentic Jewish taste became low in spirit. However, they are not much unfortunate. Fortunately, there are still several great restaurants present nearby. These restaurants can satisfy the people with their mouth-watering famous dishes. These famous restaurants easily grabbed the notice of food lovers. As a result, they can enjoy eating out there as well. 

Places like La Esquina Restaurant and Mexican Catina, Papa John’s Pizza, The OJ bar have won our hearts. They are located surrounding the nearest cross streets to Carnegie deli. The location is right down the block on 57th street between 56 and 55 streets. These places even give us the privilege of a takeout order. Food lovers can even order pizza and other foods via phone as well. The delivery service is very prompt as well. They never disappoint food lovers by any means. However, still, food lovers miss the old place i.e. the Carnegie Deli so much as they hold the place dearly very near to their heart. In spite of having splendid alternate options, food lovers will still remember the old place. They will never forget their golden memories with Carnegie Deli.

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